Blog Post #7: Pinocchio

Back to the Disney side of things. This time, with the 1940 Disney classic, Pinocchio. The movie Pinocchio was released 3 years after Snow White.

The success of that first movie sparked Disney to create more and more movies. Again, they followed the path of adapting books to movies and chose to go with this story. This film though, was not initially a success. The problems it first ran into dealt with its release. The release date of a movie can affect a movie greatly if not planned right.

Obviously during the 40s, Europe was in the midst of WWII and had more troubles to deal with that a good Disney film could fix. The release date for Europe and Asia had to be delayed. These delays caused the movie to be a financial pain, making Disney lose over two million dollars.

Yet despite the financial burden the movie caused, the movie itself was an animation success. The animation was so brilliant small children were afraid of how realistic the whale was. The storyline was solid. Jimminy Cricket stole the show as the outward conscious of the main character and provided entertainment to what was overall a fairly scary story.   Many reviewers and critics and Disney themselves, feel “the most technically perfect of all the Disney animated features”.  Any opinions on that lovely note?


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3 responses to “Blog Post #7: Pinocchio

  1. When it comes to Pinnocchio, I can only remember how I felt about it as a child. Raised Evangelical Christian, the idea of a lying puppet who wanted to become real only scared me into believing the movie was of the devil. But after recently watching the movie, I found that it wasn’t as bad as I previously thought (and clearly not of the devil). The animation is beautifully done and so clean. The water is as realistic as animated water can be. Its sad that this movie was released at such a bad time, I’m sure it would have made much more than it did.

  2. The thing that stands out in Pinocchio for me is, of course Jimminy cricket. It was a singing and dancing cricket, that’s awesome. Also, when the whale swallows them, I thought that was so cool, that they were inside a whale.

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